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    Sandy Kastel - Speaker "Have you ever been told "You Can't!" "You Won't!" or "You Never Will!" Well, "You Can!" Excerpt from Empowering Women Workshops
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    Sandy Kastel - On-Air Personality "I love interviewing people and discovering how they followed their passion and achieved their goals." Sandy Kastel
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    Sandy Kastel - Performer "...All of a sudden the storm had passed A rainbow spread out across the promise land She knew in her heart she wasn’t alone She laughed out loud and said “I’m finally home.” Nashville Tonight
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    Sandy Kastel - Author "I woke up one morning and realized 'My life has been a series of detours' and I began writing my song and the chapter for Life Choices at the same time'" Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths/Detours
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    Sandy Kastel - Philanthropist "Sometimes you take a detour on the way to where you go. Wondering which way you're going to turn when you get to the end of the road." Detours
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    Sandy Kastel - Songwriter "...She asked for a sign from God up above “Please help me understand this 'thing called love' The Music started playing on the radio Haggert started singing, 'That’s the way love goes...'" Nashville Tonight
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    Sandy Kastel and Friends "Sandy Kastel & Friends" is the Hottest New Variety TV Show to hit Las Vegas! Direct from the World Market Center in Las Vegas Featuring Local & International Performers, Artists & Authors, Health, Beauty & Fashion Tips, Dining with the Chefs and more....
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    Sandy Kastel Las Vegas TV Show Host, Performer, Author & Founder of WIMA Women in Music and Arts has something to share with you....
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Sandy Kastel & Friends Variety Show with Chef Michael on KLAV 1230 AM

Join Sandy Kastel, Chef Michael Weekdays Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM on KLAV 1230 AM with Johnny Stuart and Special Guests. Listen to Sandy's archived radio shows


Abigail Rich:  Having overcome a debilitating car accident in which she was not expected to survive, Abigail became a model, actress and inspirational speaker. 



Sandra Hartsell - Poet (Free Verse Poems) and a Children's writer. My work has been called, "A Crime of passion" by some people and other people have called it "Illustrations of Inspiration." The title: "Adam Petty's Heartbeat" is based on the "Victory Junction Camp" in Asheboro, NC. My book "once A Year" is based on the "Candle Tea" at Old Salem, NC. The Moravian church members open the Candle Tea" to the community, the first two weekends of December.


Walt Biondi - From homeless person to successful author, Mr. Biondi discussed his new book, The Promiscuous Puppeteer.


Trudy Platzer - Founding chairman of the Las Vegas Railroad Society, Trudy joins us to discuss the nonprofit organization's plans for a Railroad and Mining Museum to be located on 200 acres in the northwest section of the valley.  To learn more, volunteer, or donate: www.lasvegasrailroadsociety.org

Swami Sadashiva Tirtha - Discussing "The Heart Based Billionaire Business Model."Transition Solutions for the new, heart-based era — Blending Spirituality with Science. Revamping Solutions for Healthcare, Economic, Educational,Environmental, Political Systems. All Systems have become obsolete.  The New Age is manifesting from the heart oppression is lifting, people are demanding a level playing field.  P3 technologies will be developed (for people, planet, and profit). 40% years of mentoring, public speaking, and training.

Kanisha K - Discusses her new single, "(I Found Love) - Just in Time for Christmas."

Roger Lambert is the author of the self-published motivational book, Paying Victory's Price.  Despite being legally blind for the past 40 years, Mr. Lambert has enjoyed a 27 year career as a basketball coach of both boys and girls at all educational levels from elementary levels in his hometown of Allegan, Michigan.  He also has 20 years experience in retail sales and 10 years experience in network marketing. 



Vince Gelonese -  Vince is the producer of two successful live shows in Australia. He is currently winning over new fans in America with his top 10 hit, “Every Dream."

Magdalena Chovancova and ThreeStyle - Czech saxophonist Magdalena Chovancova and her writing partner and fellow member of their band, Threestyle, are composing and performing smooth jazz and lounge music for Welosemusic Records.  Her latest single, "Easily in Love," features Smooth Jazz superstar guitarist and two time Grammy Award winning producer, Paul Brown. 

Frankie Citro - For 23 years Mr. Citro has been included in the notorious Black Book, a list of undesirables not allowed to enter casinos in Las Vegas. It was his conviction for loan sharking and racketeering that led to his inclusion in the list, but having paid his debt to society in jail, Mr. Citro now wants to challenge inclusion in this list of unsavory characters which he says has had a profound effect on his life and his ability to make a living. 


Macy Gray - Macy's new album, The Way, debuts today on Itunes.  A gifted songwriter and dazzlingly singular singer, the mom of three teenagers has been overturning fan expectation and industry formula since kicking off her music career with her debut 1999 CD, On How Life Is. That musical calling card spawned the classic single “I Try,” and both the CD and single were massive global hits. They kicked off a career ride that includes two Grammys, two MTV awards, over 15 million units sold, and a thriving acting career. www.macygray.com

Laura Rubelli, Publisher of LV Stylle Couture Magazine - 1/15/15.  Image consultation and personal stylist, Laura brings her expertise to the inaugural edition of the LV Style Couture Magazine. 


Danny Seraphine - Original drummer and founding member of the band "Chicago," Danny will appear with Dave Perrico's Pop Evolution, Wednesday, October 22nd, at the Smith Center. 


Kip Addotta - October 9, 2014 - "This morning I had the great pleasure to appear on the Sandy Kastel and Friends Show on KLVA 1230 AM radio, in Las Vegas (9 am Monday through Friday).  As you may know, I generally keep the "Carping Lamp" lit and it was indeed lit when I called into the show.  Well, it wasn't more than a few moments into the interview when I found myself totally disarmed and chatting with two of the sweetest people that I have the pleasure of meeting.  We were talking about cooking, kitchens, Sicilian and Italian food, grandmothers and family.  I felt like a big dog lying on my back, paws apart, being scratched on the tummy with loving hands.  Sandy (a Miss Nevada and singer) was welcoming and unafraid.  Michael (Master Chef and drummer) fascinated me with cooking tips and hints AND they both allowed me to join in the fun, at will.  The time blew by and then Sandy thanked me for being on her show and our visit was, sadly, over.  I glanced at my custom-made Rolex and to my amazement, I had been on the air 45 minutes.  I guess the old saying is true: (insert old saying here).  So, if you're looking for some fun, listen to this show and I guarantee that you will be some or I will send your money back, no questions asked (BTW the show is free).  Thank you, Tom Mazzetta for making this happen!  While I'm at it, here's a shout out to Allen Nechy, my bookie.  Let it ride."


All-4-One -- If you've ever been in love, then you've heard the name All-4-One and their timeless songs: "I Swear," "I Can Love You Like That," "So Much in Love," and many more.  The Los Angeles-based Grammy award winning group is celebrating a two decade milestone with the release of a new 20 song CD appropriately titled "#20." 


Sugar Blue -  1985 Grammy Award-winning harmonica virtuoso Sugar Blue is nor your typical bluesman.  Born James Whiting, he was raised in Harlem, NY, where his mother was a singer and dancer at the fabled Apollo Theater.  Blue began his career as  street musician and made his first recordings in 1975 with legendary blues figures Brownie McGhee and Roosevelt Sykes.  He has performed with the Rolling Stones and numerous jazz and blues musicians in the ensuing years.   From his website (www.sugar-blue.com), "Sugar Blue  incorporates what he has learned into his visionary and singular style, technically dazzling yet wholly soulful.

He bends, shakes, spills flurries of notes with simultaneous precision and abandon, combining dazzling technique with smoldering expressiveness and gives off enough energy to light up several city square blocks…

And sings too! His distinctive throat tends to be overlooked  in the face of his instrumental virtuosity – he’s got a rich, sensual voice with a whisper of huskiness which by itself would be something out of the ordinary. But oh, there’s that harmonica again…"


Joan Curtis -  Five-time author, Joan C. Curtis' her latest book, a mystery/suspense thrillerThe Clock Strikes Midnight, is scheduled to be published on November 25th. As a speaker, trainer and regular show guest, she provides Radio/TV and Blog audiences a fun, thrilling and engaging conversation about her book, books as a whole, the creative writing process, and more.


Jim Brickman - Consummate piano artist, Jim Brickman in on tour currently and has a new Christmas CD, The Songs and Spirit of Christmas, which can be preordered now at Amazon.com but will go on sale on October 15.  This new CD features Kenny Rogers, Jana Kramer, John Oates, and more. 



Susan Toney - Celebrated as a poignant lyricist, accomplished musician and transcendent vocalist, American artist Susan Toney showcases a fusion of pop, country, roots, blues and rock in her latest CD project entitled LOVE IS THE CURE-THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION.  Encompassing the influences of her heritage, Toney delivers a transparent, introspective collection of songs steeped in spirituality—revealing subtle revelations of faith, renewed wisdom and confidence in her message and her craft—all mused by a new chance on life—a miracle.


Susan miraculously survived a rollover car crash in November 2003 and her survival was grave. But with a faithful heart, unbridled spirit, and a strength that rushed through her veins, she recognized the tragic accident as an ultimate part of God’s plan and a saving Grace. Susan found renewed faith, hope and determination to further pursue the very reason she is here—to use her voice to help others. A scholar of the performing and creative arts, Susan Toney is a singer/songwriter, recording and performing artist, actor and book author who has so much more to live for…so much more to say.


Sandy Time

Sandy Kastel invites you to become a member of WIMA Women in Music and Arts, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to "Empowering Artists of All Ages through Education, Mentoring and Scholarships." Join Sandy Kastel and WIMA every month for Special Events including WIMA Mixers on the third Saturday of every month, Empowering Women Workshops, Art Shows and Showcases throughout the year. Visit the WIMA Website http://www.wimafoundation.org to become a member, donate or become a sponsor. 

"We hope you will join us and help support the arts in our community." - Sandy Kastel


Egyptian Princess Sculptures by Sandy Kastel Available to Collectors by Appointment Only

Sandy Kastel Interviews

Sandy Kastel Interviews International Artist Jole on his upcoming show "Abstract Expressions" Featuring Special Guest Sculptor Sandy Kastel Produced & Directed by Michael Leonetti Saturday March 29th 6:00 - 9:00 pm at Artistic Lifestyles Gallery. To Receive Your Personal Invitation to this Event Contact 702-240-2930 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Las Vegas Host for "Sandy Kastel & Friends" Variety TV Show interviewed International Artist Jole this week for his upcoming show "Abstract Expressions" Saturday March 29th at Artistic Lifestyles.

Artist Jole: is one of today’s most collectable artist, known for his large canvases of Abstract Impressionistic Paintings, His painting sets ones eye in motion, searching, seeking and observing.  It takes a keen eye to find the subtle images, messages, and mystery which can be found in Jole’s Explosive Colors of Nature. Jole's works reminds one of the famous Artist Monet.


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A Brand New Variety Show!


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Fit & Fabulous Forever

August 1st heralds the beginning of my "Staying Fit and Fabulous Forever" program where we will explore fashion, beauty and health tips with local experts to help you achieve your goals.

We want to hear from you about how Las Vegas has changed over the years and what changes you have made to transform your life.  Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

As part of my personal program I attend classes at Backstage Dance Studio with instructor Angelo Moio.  Call 702-457-7310 for their latest class schedule and tell them Sandy Kastel sent you.

Latest News

Filming will begin in three weeks for the new TV show "Sandy Kastel and Friends with Chef Michael."  Stay tuned for more details.

Siena Authentic Italian Trattoria is the new home for Wednesday night open mic night.  From 8 pm to midnight the Michael Leonetti band (Jimmy Mulidore, David Decosta, Chad Michaels, Spider, and Jose Vespy) will provide musical accompaniment for the best of Las Vegas' local talent.  Arrive about 7:30 to get a good seat and reservations can be made at 702-360-3358.  Since moving to Siena, Ms. Marilyn B,  Peggy Timney, Bobby Jones, Marco Varelo, Steve Mason, Pam-E Williams, CC Spencer, Don Allen Hunley, Paris Red, Brooks Thurman, Yolanda Quandt, Nathan Brian Wine, Talmadge, and Deanne Olow have wowed the audience.  I can't wait to see who shows up next Wednesday!

In my spare time (?) I am writing articles for "Choices," the on-line magazine based on the Life Choices book series (www.lifechoicesbook.com).  Author Judi Moreo and I go back a long way when she inspired me with her book, You Are More Than Enough.  I was honored to contribute to the book, Navigating Difficult Paths.  These books and more are available for purchase at lifechoicesbook.com.

Last, but certainly not least, I have a new album coming out -- "Indiana Rain."  The title song and accompanying video were released several years ago, but we're delighted to debut this new album which, along with my other works (Only In Las Vegas and This Time Around) are available for download at ITunes.