Bluebird Cafe

When I was in Nashville last week I went to the Bluebird Cafe for the ASCAP presentation of Ten Ten Music with Robert Ellis Orral, Angaleena Presley, Mary Gauthier and Angela Kaset.    It was great! Bob kicked off the show saying he often is writing songs that evolve around 'I'm Sorry, I Messed Up', and shared his funny, 'God Didn't Make No Beer Tree' & from a teenage boy's perspective, 'Don't Drag My Christmas Down'.  Angeleena and Mary bantered back and forth about their serious subject songs with Angeleena singing 'Lord Rang a Bell', 'When Tennessee is Through With Me' and Mary's 'I Drink' & 'Good-bye Could be My Family Name'.  Angela Kasat, who just recently joined ASCAP, has been with Ten Ten Music for over 20 years sang crowd favorites 'Peace In This House' & 'Jesus with the Light Brown Hair'.  Then Robert sang his song 'Al Gore' that he said is being played on YouTube repeatedly. Angeleena sang a current hit in Australia that she and Robert wrote together, the very poignant 'Look It Up'.  Mary finished with 'Mercy Now' and Angela finished with 'Christmas in New York'.

So, if you are a fan of hearing the songs right from the songwriters lips... I really encourage you check out the venues that offer you the opportunity in your community and when in Nashville check out the famous Bluebird Cafe where you will always find great music!