Meeting New Friends At PLA MEDIA

It was just by accident that I was there. My friend, Norm, introduced me to Pamela Lewis, President and CEO of PLA MEDIA. She was gracious and welcoming.

There was a special event at their offices this evening and they were kind enough to let me join in the fun. Because of the ASCAP Awards that are going on this week there are lots of folks in town. Eric and Mike from Unconventional Media South, who just opened a new office here in Nashville, Wallace Earl Cook, for Clean Country Comedy, Christopher Bricca from Open Book Films, John Munn from What If Productions, Felipe De Las Rosa from Checo Records, Marie Pizano-Firtik from Urok Music Management with the Mulch Brothers, 'DW', producer & director of One Horse Productions and Melissa Manchester, one of my inspirations.

There were more, so many more, that I met with whom I shared ideas. And then Mark from PLA MEDIA sat down with me and we talked about their company. It didn't take much more to convince me that these are a great group of people and I felt very lucky to have fallen into this evening's event.

Thank you Norm, for your introduction. I do believe there are no accidents!

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!  In celebration, from now until October 31, anyone who orders an album from CD Baby will receive a complimentary autographed photo. 

All the best!

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