Dennis Bono Show

A few weeks ago I stopped by the Dennis Bono Show after my dance class (Backstage Dance Studio) and met Fifth Avenue, The Supremes Tribute, Roger Smith (founding member of the band Heart, Bob Rosario (Bobby Darin's Conductor), who also conducts for me, Pete Barbutt (who performed with me at the Suncoast last October), Jim D'Arrigo, producer of the Dennis Bono Show and his wife Sammy Ratcliffe D'Arrigo, owners of Vegas Rock Dog. Lorraine Hunt-Bono, Dennis' wife was also backstage. It was a great line-up and it was a full house as usual at Sam's Town, which is held every Thursday. Everyone is welcome. The show is taped for a Friday broadcast on the radio.

Fifth Avenue http// Supremes Tribute and Sandy Kastel http// Roger Fisher founding member of the band Heart and Sandy Kastel http// Bob Rosario, Sandy Kastel and Pete Barbutti Sandy Kastel Jim DArrigo, producer of the Dennis Bono Show Sammy Ratcliffe DArrigo, owner (with husband Jim DArrigo) of Vegas Rock Dog