Miss America Pageant This Week

It's another beautiful day! I can't believe the Miss America Pageant is just around the corner. All this week the girls will be going through the competitions in talent, evening gown & judges interviews and bathing suit! I remember well how it felt to be in Atlantic City with girls from around the country, all of us girls nervous about how we would do. There are a lot of preparations involved in getting to the final stages of the pageant. As soon as each girl wins her local pageant she is put through a rigorous schedule to perfect her skills so that by the time she is onstage competing for the title of Miss America she is as ready as she can be to do her best. Some of the girls will get confused, also, though, because every thing about their abilities will be challenged. She will have 'experts' giving her advice on everything from how to walk, speak and even think. It may get so overwhelming that she will do things that don't feel comfortable, but never the less, she must do her best to remember who she is and why she is pursuing this dream. And for most of them it is so that they can further their education in their chosen fields as the Miss America Program is one of the best and offers amazing opportunities for the lucky girl who is fortunate enough to wear the crown and represent the image that has gone through many changes over the years.

Whoever 'wins' will be in the public eye all year long. She will meet people from around the world and make an impression that will have the option of being applauded and criticized. She will work towards her 'platform', which is the cause in which she believes, possibly changing lives in the process. She will walk in the footsteps of others who have set the standards high and hope that she doesn't falter. She may feel pride or honor in carrying the torch for those less fortunate than she, but she will also bare the weight of an audience that can be tough to please. This is also true for the girls who do not walk away with the ultimate title, but who will spend the rest of her reign representing her own state, doing many of the same things that Miss America does, making it just as important for her to wear her duties putting her best foot forward. Many girls will go on to continue their platform, as they are truly committed to their causes. Some will go on to pursue careers on stage and T.V., while others become wives and raise families. They are all young women who have accomplished one of their dreams and as such may encourage others to do the same. It should be an incredible week for these girls. The final night is next Saturday! I will be watching. Get your ballots ready. It will be televised, so everyone can watch. If you want to learn more go to MissAmerica.org

Sandy Kastel and Juliana Erdesz
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