Welcome President Obama

What a week this has been with the inauguration of our new President Obama.  I watched as he spoke and thought about how our country has really come out this time to bring a person into office who speaks to the people.  

I am hopeful, as many are, that he is able to carry out his goals for turning this country around.  We are encouraged to get back to 'thinking American' in our products, bringing jobs back.  

Also, bringing an awareness to working together as one people.  In music and the arts we have always had that understanding that we are a universe, music and art bridging the gap oftentimes to get a message out there to the masses as Obama in his campaign.  He had the idea of reaching out to the music community to 'bring the message home', which they did.  

As a songwriter it is clear to see that one song can create a drive, can inspire the people to come together for one purpose.  It will be interesting to see how the next few months develop into the rest of the year and then into the term of his presidency.  

Let's remember to do what we can in our own support of our country and our new president, the little steps that make a difference.  What will you do?  I would like to hear some of your thoughts.