Sandy Kastel Rockin' Playlist

These are singers and songs that have inspired me to write.  Some of the songs represented life changes, others reflected my feelings at the time.  They take me back to a moment in time, a first love, a break-up, or a first date, frustration or joy, invigorating pumping energy, passion and defiance, all emotions that drive us to live, to love to fight for our beliefs.  That is what music is to me and these are just is my first playlist for you.  There will be more...

Singers like Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Pat Benatar and Tina Turner and Chaka Khan are strong, independent, passionate and in their songs they are out spoken about their feelings.  This is the kind of passion that inspires me to write about my own feelings.

Bonnie Raitt combines rock, r&b, country and soul in her songs. So do I.  Another singer who inspires me because of her raw emotional connection to her songs.  I wish I could play the guitar the way she does.

Wynonna Judd, Martina McBride, Shania Twain, Tanya Tucker again women with their own individualistic strengths, they speak to me through their songs.

Carrie Underwood is the new country, incorporating beauty, determination, attitude into her delivery.  There is an honest, down-home vibe about her that is refined and perfected.

BB King, Sting, the Beatles, the Cars, the Who each telling their stories through the music, I grew up listening to them talk to us, developing through the psyche of the generations they still speak to me.

- Sandy