Laura Taylor & the Nevada Pops at UNLV

I went to see my friend Laura Taylor with the Nevada Pops at UNLV. They played selections from the American Songbook and featured Laura. It was a great show.

Laura is a classic beauty as she walks out on stage dressed in a red strapless gown with her blonde hair up in a chignon twist.

The pure clear sound of her lyrical voice seems to float on air. And we are not talking about easy songs, either. One of them was a lively up-tempo song filled with long melodic phrases that could have easily tongue-tied a lesser talented vocalist.

Laura and I have often talked about how she studied the lines saxophonists played during their solos, earning her the respect from fellow musicians who are often extremely critical of vocalists.

Well respected by her peers, Laura is often asked to perform with the Jazz Society. Last year she performed with the Jazz Band at one of the high schools amazing the students as she created jazz licks on the spot.

What can I say? I am in awe of Laura Taylor and her flawless technique.

If you are curious at all check out her albums on CD Baby & Itunes. I believe you will really enjoy her eloquent delivery and velvety smooth tone.