Remember to Warm Up!

A little reminder to all of you out there trying to get into shape. Remember to Warm-Up! I forgot that very important detail Friday morning before working with my trainer. And it isn't because he hadn't reminded me, no! He is very explicit about how important it is to warm up 30 minutes before working out and at least 30 minutes after. I had been doing alright since I started with him a couple of weeks ago, but Friday morning I really messed up by not getting all of my warm-up done before we started. It was typical of me and my overloaded schedule. In my eagerness to get my body back in 'performance' mode I have been going to dance classes three times a week with Angelo Moio over at Backstage Dance Studio, to Pilates twice a week with Jill Davis over at The Pilates Studio and to work out with my trainer, Jeff Monroe.

My body has been quick to respond and I have noticed my muscles responding to the intensity of the classes. But along with all this work to get in top shape for my new upcoming shows I have also been in preparations for my new songs that I am recording with various producers and musicians around the country. It has been exciting but also it is intense, because each project is totally different. I am recording 5 songs with each producer which will include many of my originals and a few covers. Each producer works differently, so it has been interesting planning for each project. Plus most of the songs we are recording are my originals and a few of them are still works in progress.

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed thinking about too many things at the same time, which is also very common among writers, performers and artists. We don't always do one thing at a time. We often have many 'balls in the air' juggling to get it all done. Also, it is part of that theory that it all is connected. And I believe that 'it' is. Everything that goes on in a day brings another element into my writing. My biggest challenge, though, is focusing on one thing at a time, which is very critical when working out.

Of course, whenever we learn something the 'hard way' we usually don't forget it. From now on I will be warming up my muscles before every work out, because I don't want to be slowed down again, and this is slowing me down. Then again, I am writing now, because I can't be up dancing or running down the street, can I? My writing tools are all in front of me and I am working on the words for my songs that need finishing. Slowing down is not all bad! And besides this is more material for my writing, whether it goes into a song, a book, an article or a musical....who knows where any of this will land?

So, remember, warm up those muscles before you go workout and you will help your body do what it needs to do to build those muscles and get in shape!