The Follies Closes after 49 years in Las Vegas and Sandy Kastel is there!

For Sandy It was a special evening seeing all the familiar faces. "Even though I was never in the Follies I was in another one of Jerry Jackson's productions called 'Pinups At The Movies'. What I loved about our show was that it was a spoof on the musicals of the 30's, which I loved watching as a child. It was just like being in a musical, except that we were performing in Las Vegas in a Hotel instead of a theater.

Jerry Jackson has a wonderful reputation with his performers and the venues where he puts his shows as he is always very creative and cares about his 'family' of performers. Ours was a much smaller production than the Follies, but it still gave me a great opportunity to work with the man. 'Pinups' ran for 3 years, which at that time was a long time for a small revue.

Many of the performers I worked with in the shows have gone on to have other careers, such as Realtors, Restauranteurs, Clothes Designers, Trainers or Artists, like my friend Terry Ritter, who has been painting pictures of many of the Showgirls in town including the Follies. Her 'Can Can' inspired painting will soon be seen by millions coming into town every week at the McCarran Airport. Last night her paintings were on display and she presented one of her sculptures to Jerry Jackson on behalf of the alumni."

Also in attendance were many of the girls from 'Pinups', "the twins Terri and Sherri, who were both in the show for years. Sherry was also in 'Pinups' with me. Candy Arena brought her sister, who is visiting from Paris. She was brought over in the 60's to work at the Lido show, then joined the Follies. But she was called back to the Lido show after only a year or so. Kathy, a dancer in the show, now sells real estate. Barbara, a singer for two years in the show, now is the casting director for Tony and Tina's Wedding.

I met new people, too. There was one woman who was in the first production of the show at the Tropicana. Another who joined in the 60's. Many from the 70's, 80's and all the way to today's cast.

It was a great night, one full of hugs, tears and laughter as we all reminisced about our days together. We said good-bye and made promises to keep in touch. We are all looking forward to the new opportunities await us as this transition takeing place in our town. It was good to be part of it."

All in all it sounds like the event was a big reunion party. Yes, indeed. What is next? For Sandy it is recording her new cd. She is gearing up for a cd release party coming up soon.

Be sure to check out Sandy's website and for the latest updates and photos of friends from the shows past and present.