Sandy Records 'Session Projects' with Top Musicians

In addition to raising funds and awareness for the agency, a main goal of Team Rio—which was founded in the winter of 2004 by Diamond Rio’s guitarist Jimmy Olander and Modern Management’s Renee Behrman-Greiman—is to promote health and fitness to local kids.

“A lot of kids could use big brothers and sisters to take an interest in their lives, take them out to fun activities, mentor them and help them through the sometimes troubling days of their youth,” says Kastel. “It’s a great organization, and I know many young people can benefit from such an extended family situation.”

This is just the start of Kastel’s many current charitable activities. At the end of April, Kastel is participating in a golf tournament at Las Vegas’ Canyon Gate Country Club to raise money for the Safe Nest organization, which provides shelter for battered women and children.

The singer is also putting together a benefit concert in July to raise money for Omni-Equus, a Caliente, California based non-profit organization started by Aleta McCormick, who rehabilitates horses doing deep tissue physical therapy. The goal is to raise money to save the lives of wild horses, many of whom are starving and don’t have enough food and water to survive.

Kastel also continues her involvement in the Miss America Scholarship Program scene by participating as a judge for the local Miss Summerlin/Miss Henderson pageant; the winners take the first step towards becoming Miss Nevada and having a shot at the Miss America crown.

Fans anxious for the follow-up to Kastel’s popular debut CD This Time Around on Silk and Satin Records are excited about the scope of the singer’s current recording projects. Intending to release a series of “Session Projects” EPs mixing covers and originals, Kastel is recording tracks with renowned session musicians in numerous cities around the U.S.—including Vegas, Nashville, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

The first of the series is scheduled for a June release.