Update from Sandy

There's so much that's been going on and I've had so little time to share it with all of you.  

This summer has flown by with preparations for my upcoming cd, a book in the works, family plans and surprises.  Where do I start?  

I guess I will work backward.  

Last week I was in Nashville recording at Sound Stage Studios.  Their team was great.

The first session was produced by Jimmy Haslip and Jeff Lorber.

We had Shannon Forrest on Drums, Jimmy Haslip on Bass, Troy Lancaster on Guitar, Jeff Lorber on Keyboards, Charles Judge on Piano/Keyboards and Dan Dugmore on Pedal Steel & Mandolin

The following day Ron Aniello produced more songs.  

The musicians included Shannon Forrest on Drums,  Craig Young on Bass, Troy Lancaster on Guitar, Charles Judge on Piano/Keyboards, Dan Dugmore on Pedal Steel, Mandolin & Dobro with John on Fiddle & Cello.

The engineer on both sessions was David Thoener and he was assisted by Sound Stage Studio's Brad Winters.

Next week I go back in the studio to record my vocals.  I'm looking forward to finishing these songs for my new cd.  It's been over a year ago that we began selecting songs and making preparations.  By January we should be ready to release my first single.

During this process I have teamed up with Ronny Vance out of Boston and am writing a book about my experiences in music and life.