Sandy Time

That is the reason I let people know if they want me somewhere by a certain time it is best if they pick me up.  Of course, they should arrive about 15 minutes early to let me finish my final touches before I can walk out the door.
My friends all know.  I try to keep it to an allowance of 15 minutes to half an hour, but if things happen like yesterday, no gas in the car, battery on my cell phone died, couldn't find my charger cable and I couldn't get the address for Ferguson (because it was in my IPhone), being in unfamiliar territory (north side of town) and having to drive 40 minutes to get there; then I am going to just be late, late, late!  
It's not intentional, I just don't have a routine down here.  In L.A. or Las Vegas or even Nashville I know my boundaries and my 'time' restrictions.  Here I just get 'lost in the time frame' (or the cornfields).
Make sense?
That is why when we bought the house in Nashville (which was actually in Brentwood) I made sure I was within 15 minutes of everywhere I would need to be AND I had 4 different ways of getting there if one of the roads or freeways were packed.  
It worked for me.  Our home was halfway between Music Row in Nashville (where most of the music offices are located) and Franklin (where many of the studios where I recorded are located).  So, I could keep myself more 'on time' given my tendencies to get lost in my projects.
I know it doesn't help others if they have not leaned this, yet.  So, I have to explain upfront that I may be within a certain time frame.  Say, 6-ish for dinner or 'between 6 and 7' for dinner, because if it is not me, it will invariably be Harold who is getting back from golf and 'must' take a shower before we can leave for dinner.
He can be on time for certain things, but when it comes to others, he, too, will get caught up (like in a golf game or when visiting with racers).  That is why he was best at being the boss, so that he could come in when he was ready.  
See?  Here I am explaining all of this to you.  Now I must jump in the shower to get ready for my 11 am appointment, but at least it is 5 minutes from here, so I should be able to make it within my 15 minute time allowance.
One of my associates clarified it for me.  It's not that I am late; it’s just that I am running on 'Sandy Time'.  
It's just the way I am.  Good thing when I have a 'call' for a show it is usually 2 hours before curtain!!”