Life in the First Draft

Thank you, Judi for this article and for being our inspiration.  I enjoyed being part of Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths.

I love your article, Judi!  I keep notes, too, all the time.  The only difference is that my files aren't alphabetized like yours.  So, if it's alright by you, I will 'borrow' that idea from you.

Songwriters also keep notes.  We keep titles and ideas, lines we hear in conversations in restaurants or elevators, any idea, any word, photo or visual, anything at all that might be useful to us someday in the future.  That's why we end up with files full of little pieces of paper.

Every so often I go through the notes and put them into my computer onto a list of ideas.  I have been keeping ideas on the computer since 1990.

Unfortunately, the first computer I put them on was old and I saved all my files on a floppy disk, which later I couldn't read on the newer computers.

I like the idea of 'stand alone' chapters or stories, too.  I am discovering that more and more as I write.

In my office I have my sculptures on pedestals and I brought my grand piano in, also.  This way, if I get an idea for a song I can just walk over and play it.

I love to have everything nearby so I can go from one thing to another.  My artwork, music and writing all feed each other, even my dreams.  I have written several songs from ideas in my dreams.

Even my sculptures have inspired my dreams or visa versa.  During the process of sculpting my Egyptian Princess I wrote down my dream one morning and it was eight pages long!  It was the story of her and her brother and it started when they were children.

So, yes, I agree, keep those ideas and return to them often.

Thank you, Judi

Sandy Kastel, Author Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths 'Detours'