Sandy Kastel Blog on Ruth Brown

Sandy Kastel Blog talks about meeting Ruth Brown on The Music's Over (but the songs live on)

March 21, 2010 at 1:45 pm


When I met Ruth we were both appearing on the Dennis Bono Show. She was gracious and funny and I could tell she was ‘bawdy’ in her day. She was a special person and it was such a joy to listen to her sing even when she had to sit in the chair on stage due to weakness. I was happy that they did the tribute to her in Nashville, cause as she told the story she had been performed once when she was a lot younger.

Years later, after her show, a couple of women approached her for an autograph. They pulled out a cd that referenced her performances in Nashville. She said I never even knew that record had been made! Apparently it was made without her permission or knowledge and released in Europe. “That’s the way the music business goes”, she said, “You never know who’s making money off you even if it ain’t you!” Then she told me, “Keep singing. Do what you love and don’t worry about what anyone else does. Just keep doing what you love, ‘cuz that’s the only thing that really matters in the end.”

I saw Ruth perform a few more times after that at the Bootlegger. She sat in the chair most of the performance, but when she sang, the whole room knew who was in charge. We miss you, Ruth.

Sandy Kastel, Recording Artist and Author, Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths ‘Detours’