The first time I met Buddy Rich


As Seen on The Music's Over (but the song lives on)

"The first time I meet Buddy Rich was when my dad, Dick Kastel was playing with the Harry James Band. My father had moved us from Mesquite, TX to Las Vegas, where he would be joining the group. They were going to Disneyland to play on one of the stages and my dad brought my sister, Linda and me along with him. My mom couldn’t go because my youngest sister, Crystal, was less than a year old.

We stayed at the Rip Van Winkle Motel across from Disneyland. All the band members went swimming in the pool along with my sister and me. Buddy was funny, always joking with all the guys, picking us up out of the water and throwing us back in the pool. We would hold our noses to keep the water out. We had so much fun that day. Then at night we went to Disneyland with Dad. We got to go on some of the rides, but mostly we watched the band set up and practice before the performance that night. Lots of people sat or stood around to watch the band. The stars were shining in the sky and the music went everywhere in the open air.

I’ll never forget that trip to Disneyland with the Harry James Band and Buddy Rich."


Sandy Kastel, Recording Artist and Author Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths 'Detours'