Las Vegas Writers Conference

The Las Vegas Writer's Conference was here this weekend and I enjoyed meeting and learning from each and every one of our authors, agents and publishers including:

New York Times Best-Seller Bob Mayer, Author of over 40 books including Warrior Writer: From Writer to Published Author & Chasing the Ghost

Dennis Griffin, Author of 10 books including Cullotta: the biography of former Chicago and Las Vegas mobster Frank Cullotta

Judi Moreo Motivational Speaker & Author of 9 books including You are More Than Enough: Every Woman's Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power

Maxwell Alexander Drake, Author Farmers & Mercenaries

Megan Edwards, Author Roads from the Ashes: An Odyssey in Real Life on the Virtual Frontier

Dan Decker, Author Anatomy of a Screenplay

Geoff Schumacher, Author Howard Hughes: Power, Paranoia & Palace Intrique

Maralys Wills, Author of 12 books including Manbirds: Hang Gliders & Hang Gliding

Margaret Dalrymple, Author & Publisher

Leslie Hoffman, Writer & Editor

Brandi Bowles, Literary Agent (Foundry Literary & Media)

Ginger Clark, Literary Agent (Curtis Brown, LTD)

Jami Carpenter, ghostwriter and editor (Stephens Press & American Book Publishers)

Lynn Pisar, Director of Operations (Books in Motion).

Thank you to all of the authors, agents and publishers and especially to Jo A. Wilkins, President of the Henderson Writer's Group and all the members who made it possible.

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Sandy Kastel, Author Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths 'Detours'