I Love Classic Cars!

My dad is a musician, but he didn't mind getting his hands dirty cleaning pistons on the kitchen table when we lived in Mesquite, Texas!

I was "Dad's Little Helper." He loved taking apart the engines to his cars and cleaning them on Sunday afternoons. As he spread out the newspaper on Grandma's old oak table I brought in his tool box and set it down on the linoleum floor ready to hand him his tools.

When he was done, we would clean up and he would take my sister, Linda, and me for a ride in our new '57 Chevy. It was a Belaire two door in turquoise and Silver. The seats were white leather with turquoise inserts. Dad told my sister and me to keep our shoes off the seats so we wouldn't "hurt the leather seats." We loved going for rides in the new car. It had that "new car smell" and he would let us stick our heads out to feel the wind on our faces.

No wonder I love classic cars! They bring back so many memories.

A few years ago I made my first music video in Nashville and we found a great '65 Ford Mustang Convertible for me to drive. It fit the feel of the song perfectly. We drove it around on the old country roads and through a beautiful street with huge trees with the wind blowing through my hair. It was so much fun!

Here's the video and the lyrics at the beginning of the song...

"Driving south on Hwy 65, the rain was beatin' down, roads were slick as ice. Hot tears burnin' on her cheeks as she cried, her heart breaking from their terrible fight. She packed her bags, grabbed her guitar, and shouted 'I'm not comin' back anymore!'

Nothin's gonna keep me from Nashville Tonight. I can't wait to cross that Tennessee line. I finally broke through the chains in my life and nothin's gonna keep me from Nashville Tonight!"

Hope you enjoy it.