FMQB Profile with Sandy

Get To Know... Sandy Kastel (FMQB Profile Interview)
Town and state you grew up in: My family left San Francisco when I was two weeks old. We traveled around the United States with several big bands. We settled in Mesquite, TX for five years until my Dad joined Harry James and brought us to Las Vegas, NV

Town and state you live in now: Las Vegas & Nashville.

First instrument: Soprano sax in grade school.

Instruments you currently play: Piano (enough to write songs) and guitar (simple chords).

First performance: Four years old for house guests. I sand Frank Sinatra’s “You Make Me feel So Young.”

Last book you read: Nora Roberts’ “Birthright”

Favorite movie: The Way We Were

Song you wish you had written: “People”

Favorite song: “Don’t Rain On My Parade”

Three people (alive or dead) you would want to have dinner with: Kathryn Hepburn, Robert Redford, Oprah Winfrey.

Three CD’s you can’t live without: Frank Sinatra “Songs For Swingin’ Lovers,” Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday “The Newport Years Vol. 1,” Judy Garland “At Home At The Palace” Opening Night.

Guilty pleasure: Mom’s fudge with pecans.

Your most recent project: My new CD, “This Time Around”

Message to the world: Follow your dreams, be true to yourself and kind to others