Happy Valentine's Day

The year is just flying by....already it is Valentine's Day and January has come and gone. So much has happened since my show at the Suncoast with the holidays being a bustle of friends and family joining us to celebrate. Then the New Year and we welcomed in 2008 looking forward to all the promises of excitement, new projects, a more concerted effort towards being more conscious of what foods we put into our bodies and exercising our muscles so that we stay in shape! Whew!

Busy? I'll say, but in a good way. I cleaned out a lot of closets and I don't just mean literally. There are many things that needed to go so that I can make way for the new. And that is what I did. It was just cold enough outside to keep me in and off my bicycle, unfortunately, so I really had to try and stay motivated to get on the treadmill or go to dance classes. Then I was hit by that very unusual 'flu' that went around the country. Even though it was not totally debilitating, it slowed my energy down enough to keep me inside working on those 'closets'. So, what may have not been the best thing turned into a constructive project.

There were two trade shows I worked, both for bookings, one in Las Vegas in November and the other in San Diego in January. They were very productive. I met many wonderful artists and promoters from around the country and look forward to seeing the results of them.

Then we headed to Nashville so that I could get back with a few songwriters and finish up the songs we started at the end of the year. The weather is colder than in Las Vegas, but it did warm up for us. After spending a week there we drove up to Indianapolis to visit my husband's family. We are back in Nashville now only for the next few days before we head down to Florida for warmer weather and write with more songwriters.

One of my plans for this year is to delve more deeply into my writing, exploring my varied interests in musical styles including pop, jazz, country, rhythm & blues, broadway and swing to see if I can develop my own style which includes a mix of high energy, up-tempo songs and power ballads.

Above all, on this Valentine's Day, and throughout the year, I wish everyone a year filled with treasures, life lived with exuberance and happiness shared with others and quality time with family and friends.

Best Wishes for 2008