Time To Get Up!

Time to Get up!
Good Morning, Everyone,

How are we today? Just get up? Well, it's time to get up and run, don't walk, to that treadmill, bicycle, swimming pool, yoga class, pilates or dance class, whatever it is, whether you are ready to shed a few pounds or just tone up the body. It doesn't take too much, just the commitment to do something every day.

That's right, up and at it! No sitting around today! Put that DVD in the TV and get started! No DVD? No VCR? Okay, how about putting on your running shoes or bicycle and taking a 'spin' around the neighborhood?

Don't stop to think about it, just do it. By the time you come up with enough excuses not to, you can already be back at your house doing your stretches. That's right, don't forget about warming up those muscles before you start and stretching them out when you're finished. 30 minutes, that's all it takes!

Today, for me it's 5 minutes of waking up my muscles with a few warm-ups, then a 3 mile bike ride around the neighborhood, taking the stairs two at a time up to the gym to work on my arms with 5 & 8 lb. weights (to tighten up those tricepts, build those biceps and define those deltoids). Then down on the floor to do sit-ups! As Sharon Stone says, "'When girls ask about my abs, I tell them 'sit-ups'." She says she does 300 sit-ups a day' Whew!

Whatever it takes! That's my motto! But within reason, also.

Oh, remember, we are all beautiful. Each of us has our own unique shape. Be kind to yourself and keep that in mind when setting your goals. Be flexible. You may have to adjust each day with this new routine, but keep working with it and you will find that you can achieve your goals.

Our body is our friend, as is our mind and our spirit. Nurture them as you would a loved one and encourage them as you would a friend.

Now, enough talk, get away from the computer, you don't need to answer all of those emails, yet. Get up and get going. Let me know how you do! I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!

Lots of Love and Encouragement are coming your way!