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CD Reviews: Sandy Kastel..This Time Around..2007
By: John Gilbert
There are two recording sessions on this album, Las Vegas and Nashvilleand Kastel, replete with big bands and strings, drives home a strongmessage. She has a mighty voice and superb intonation coupled with thestrength not to be overwhelmed by the power of her accompaniment.

There are 15 tracks on this recording and this sampling of tunes willdemonstrate the supple as silk voice of Sandy Kastel.

"Beyond The Sea" This tune brings back the memory of the great BobbyDarin and Kastel leaves no meat on the bone as she swings this tune tothe max and the band answers in kind. This is a Dave Williamsonarrangement and one can say it gets off the ground in a hurry and up inthe rarefied air where few dare to venture.

"My Funny Valentine" This tune is often recorded and Sandy Kastel givesnew meaning to it with a steamy and sultry vocalization. Her range andtimbre again shine through this classic composition.

"Over The Rainbow" Yip Harburg and Harold Arlen created one of thefinest songs ever written and Kastel pays homage to it in fine fashion.This is the last track on this record and it couldn't have a moreapropos ending. Again the range and clarity of Sandy Kastel shinesthrough like an aurora borealis.

This recording is a true representation of the great American songbooksung magnificently by this artist and backed by orchestration aptlysuited to both the power and subtle styles of Sandy Kastel


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