Indiana Rain : The Album

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A power-packed forty-five minutes of non-stop music showcasing Sandy Kastel's relationship storytelling in song as she declares her independence in “Don’t Tell Me” or blows past every obstacle the road can hurl at her in “Nashville Tonight.” Sandy shows her playful side in “Rope Me A Cowboy” but settles down for some serious spirit-boosting in “Detour" and probes the pain of separation and loneliness as a young woman tries to cope after losing her husband in the war.“Indiana Rain.” 
Track Listing:
1. Got to Love a Man Like That
2. Crazy Girls
3. Indiana Rain
4. Curve Appeal
5. If It's Really Love
6. Don't Tell Me
7. Detour
8. Nashville Tonight
9. What Love Looks Like
10. Rope Me A Cowboy
11. Wayward Soul
12. Rock Steady