Jazz & Blues Tour Review

Joost van Steen, Host/producer Jazz & Blues Tour with ASFM105.4 in The Netherlands
Sandy…. This Time Around ??, Where was I all the other times ?? I surely missed out on great vocal skills and a fantastic combination of great musicians! What a great and varied CD, with a refreshing and fantastic arrangement of “Cry Me A River.” Naming another one is “When I Fall in Love” … be careful Sandy, that could easily happen for a lot of men…......Two tracks I want to point out; “Misty” and of course the Sinatra Medley which makes it very obvious that with your amazing performance and style you fit in perfectly in Las Vegas. I am jealous of fellow countryman Hans Klok because he was able to take a photo with you..The lucky devil….Let me name one more track from your great CD; Danke Schoen , and let me point that right back at you… Thank You for this Great CD, you are such a lovely and great artist.Wishing you lots of luck with any further productions!

Radio Achievements:
  • # 3 WTEB for the week of 3/10/08
  • # 3 WFNP for CMJ issue 1051
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  • # 7 WUCF for the week of 3/10/08
  • # 8 @ KWLC for CMJ issue 1049
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