Improvijazzation Nation Review

Dick Metcalf,  Improvijazzation Nation #79
Sandy Kastel - THIS TIME AROUND:
If you're in the mood for high-end,big-jazz orchestrals, led by a female vocalist who is a total natural - this is your ticket, volkz!  Pretty much standards, but Sandy's vocal (and life)energies overcome any tendency to "hit" her on that... "Cry Me A River",track 2, best exemplifies her vocal skills, & will wrap you in from thefirst bar.  "Fever", the next cut, demonstrates how deftly she can apply her own style - she (most assuredly) makes the tune her "own".  Parts of the CD(like the Sinatra medley) will make you feel like you're in the audience ofsome huge Vegas hotel show; not that that's a "bad thing", but there's no doubt, after listening through her album a couple of times, that Ms.Kastel's strengths clearly lie in breathing her own unique talents into jazz standards that can always use a new interpretation.  Very pleasant listening, & a very high "verve quotient" earn this musical experience a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us.