Cashbox Magazine Review

Justin Scro, Cashbox Magazine
Sandy is without a doubt a great performer and on stage is on par with the best that Las Vegas has to offer. This CD is her tribute to the glorious entertainers who have defined the legend of her hometown. Her soft kitten like voice purrs to the tunes in a similar style to the late Marilyn Monroe, but she can crank up the torch power and belt it out like the power house singers of that bygone era when all of these songs were great. For all of you that are smitten with the great standards of many decades ago you will not be dissatisfied with this fifteen track CD. The big band sounds to the quiet piano bars with the girl lounging on the top of the full sized grand piano and a sax are all right here. You might even feel like you have stumbled into a little out of the way bar somewhere off the strip and somehow were transported back in time.