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SANDY KASTEL/This Time Around:  A former Mss Nevada, who has been an entertainment mainstay in Vegas, makes a set that pays tribute to Vegas where she gives a nice workout to a boatload of favorite cuts from entertainers from all ends of the spectrum.  An entertainer to the core, she knows how to give good show and this set is full of the bold, brassy entertainment we all go to Vegas for, even when it’s against our better judgment.  A tasty bunch of ear candy that’s hard to resist.

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CD Reviews: Sandy Kastel..This Time Around..2007
By: John Gilbert
There are two recording sessions on this album, Las Vegas and Nashvilleand Kastel, replete with big bands and strings, drives home a strongmessage. She has a mighty voice and superb intonation coupled with thestrength not to be overwhelmed by the power of her accompaniment.

There are 15 tracks on this recording and this sampling of tunes willdemonstrate the supple as silk voice of Sandy Kastel.

"Beyond The Sea" This tune brings back the memory of the great BobbyDarin and Kastel leaves no meat on the bone as she swings this tune tothe max and the band answers in kind. This is a Dave Williamsonarrangement and one can say it gets off the ground in a hurry and up inthe rarefied air where few dare to venture.

"My Funny Valentine" This tune is often recorded and Sandy Kastel givesnew meaning to it with a steamy and sultry vocalization. Her range andtimbre again shine through this classic composition.

"Over The Rainbow" Yip Harburg and Harold Arlen created one of thefinest songs ever written and Kastel pays homage to it in fine fashion.This is the last track on this record and it couldn't have a moreapropos ending. Again the range and clarity of Sandy Kastel shinesthrough like an aurora borealis.

This recording is a true representation of the great American songbooksung magnificently by this artist and backed by orchestration aptlysuited to both the power and subtle styles of Sandy Kastel


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About Sandy Kastel

Someone forgot to tell Sandy Kastel that you can't have it all...

Sandy Kastel is a singer, songwriter and author. As a result, Sandy enjoys a successful career as a multi-genre entertainer. This former Miss Nevada and Miss America contestant also runs her own record label, publishing company and enjoys sharing what she has learned with others as a motivational speaker, giving seminars and working one-on-one with young women who have dreams of becoming the next Miss America. Kastel is not the typical beauty queen and there is nothing typical or predictable about this recording artist.

Whenever Sandy performs, her optimistic personality, enthusiasm and warm smile are contagious and anyone who has seen her shows will tell you she's “one hundred percent performer and friendly to everyone she meets.” These are a just few of the attributes that make Sandy successful in all her endeavors.

When Sandy's parents met, it was a true case of jazz meets country. Sandy, born in San Francisco, was barely two weeks old when she experienced her first cross-country flight, as her mother, artist Wanda Jean Armstrong, boarded an airplane with Sandy to join her father, saxophonist, Dick Kastel, who was in the Army Air Force Band in Washington, D.C. Sandy has been traveling ever since.

After leaving the service, Sandy's father toured for few years with big bands in the Midwest, where Sandy's sister, Linda was born in St. Louis, Missouri. When Sandy was almost four, her parents bought a home in Mesquite, a small town outside of Dallas, Texas, close to where her mother was born and raised, where Sandy experienced the influences of country music, down-home values and patriotism that would help mold Sandy's personality and love of country music.

When her father joined the Harry James Band he moved his family to Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, where Sandy decided she wanted to be a performer on the big stage. A benefit of her father playing in the showrooms of the Hotels was watching the great entertainers perform such as Sinatra & the Rat Pack, Ann Margret and Elvis Presley. While she watched from the light booth, Sandy learned from the best.

As Sandy Kastel entered the professional world of entertainment she performed in many of the Las Vegas lounges and showrooms, in production shows, musicals, plays, commercials, television and film. She has toured the US and Canada, parts of Europe and Asia. In 2007 she released This Time Around, paying tribute to the great performers she watched as a child and Only In Las Vegas, the companion album to her television show, The Event.

In 2009 Sandy teamed up with industry heavy hitters, Ron Aniello, Multi-Platinum, Grammy nominated record producer (Lifehouse, Jars of Clay, Patty Scialfa), two time Grammy winning bassist, Jimmy Haslip (YellowJackets,Bruce Hornsby, Chaka Khan) and legendary Grammy nominated jazz keyboardist, Jeff Lorber (Kenny G, Michael Franks, Amy Winehouse).

Sandy Kastel has come full circle returning to her country roots, writing songs for her album, contributing to the book Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths and sharing her experiences and stories with other young women in her books and seminars. Sandy is “just a country girl in a big city world.”

INDIANA RAIN is the result of combining Kastel's multi-cultural musical background with what happens “when life takes a detour.” Keep your eyes on INDIANA RAIN – Sandy Kastel will never fail to take you on a journey…