Red Carpet Premier in Los Angeles

I'm really excited about this week and everything that is going on.

Right now, Im on my way now to the red carpet premier of "The Journey" with my mentor Judy Moreo at the Cinema City in LA.

Tuesday my version of Santa Baby was the most added song at AC radio for 3 weeks in a row!

On sunday I'm going to perform Santa Baby for the Merry Christmas Las Vegas show at Las Vegas Rocks Cafe for the benefit of "The Las Vegas Young Entertainers" which is part of the youth foundation for the performing arts.

Tips for Artists

As any specialist will tell you it is absolutely crucial to keep your "tools" in the best possible working condition. For those of us in the entertainment industry it is no different. As singers and recording artists, our tools are our vocal and the body that supports it, which means it is not only important, but vital to make sure we take care of our bodies and keep our instrument "tuned." How do we do this? We eat a proper diet, exercise and practice techniques on a consistent basis to maintain good quality and develop our skills. Much of this can be done ourselves, but for certain areas it is advisable to "look to the experts" to help us. Who are these experts we might look to? For a singer it is the vocal coach. There are several things to keep in mind when searching for the right coach for you. First of all, location is important. You need to find a coach who lives close enough to work with you in person. Fperformeran artist we must keep our instruments in working condition.

Room Set-up Suggestions

Room Set-Up

Here are some suggestions to optimize your event with Sandy Kastel's presentation:

1.    Hold the event in the smallest room which will comfortably hold all your attendees. A closer atmosphere makes for a much better energy and crowd dynamic. The key is to have as little open space as possible.
2.    If the event will be held in a ballroom or similar room be sure to have the stage as close to the audience as is reasonably possible. You don't want a large space between the stage and the first row. Closer proximity makes for a better connection between performer and audience.
3.    If the audience is seated at tables, set the tables as close together as possible, allowing of course for walking and servers, as this, again, creates a better energy in the room.
4.    When introducing Sandy, please use the introduction provided here and refrain from reading Sandy's bio, as this is not an introduction.

Listen to my version of Santa Baby

As the holidays near and you are looking for special albums to fill those stockings and songs to download to your ipod or mp3 player, you may wonder why I chose to record "Santa Baby."

In Wikipedia they say "the song is a tongue-in-cheek look at a Christmas list sung by a woman who wants the most extravagant gifts like sable, yachts, and decorations from Tiffany's."

For me as a woman, I feel it's important to have fun in a relationship and even though the gifts in the song are extravagant, "Santa Baby" really is more about the fun couples have "giving" to each other, whether it is in the day-to-day acts of affection or the little things they do for one another each day to show they care.

"Santa Baby," which was written in 1953 by Joan Javits (the niece of Senator Jacob K. Javits), Philip Springer, and Fred Ebb, captures that playfulness enjoyed by couples during the holidays when a man and a woman exchange gifts.

It has been a popular song for a long time and has been recorded by many female recording artists including Eartha Kitt, Madonna, Shakira, Macy Gray, Natalie Merchant, LeAnne Rimes, Kellie Pickler, Talor Swift & the Pussycat Dolls.

Recording "Santa Baby" was even more special for me because my father, saxophonist Dick Kastel, was able to join me on the session. At 81 he is still playing with big bands at least five days a week. Every opportunity I get to record another song with him is a blessing, just as it is a joy to receive artwork from my mother, Wanda Kastel, who at 78 is still drawing and painting.

I am thankful for my family, friends and wonderful fans who support me; blessed with all the opportunities in my life to do what I love, which is writing songs performing and sharing my music with audiences around the world.

My wish is that everyone finds joy, health and happiness in their lives throughout the year.

I hope you enjoy listening to my version of "Santa Baby."

Happy Holidays!

Sandy Kastel Charms Select L.A. Crowd

Sandy Kastel Charms Select L. A. Crowd With Songs from Indiana Rain

Contributes Scholarship to Fund for Ambitious, Artistic Kids at Risk

(Los Angeles, CA. Sept. 28, 2010) Sandy Kastel enchanted a high-dollar crowd at the Legends of Soul concert Saturday, Sept. 25, at the Aqua Lounge in Beverly Hills, which included Brenton Woods, Vermettya Royster (from The Sisters Love) and Brenda Holloway.

Janie Bradford, The Founder and producer of the Awards stated, "Sandy Kastel, HAL's 'blue eyed soul,' opened with the swinging classic "All of Me," followed by the powerful, "Cry Me a River," 'got down' on "Detours" and finished to rousing applause with "Don't Tell Me," songs from her new album.

PHOTO: L to R:
Berry Gordy, Founder of the Motown Record Company, Sandy Kastel

Read more ...

Sandy Kastel Sweeps in with Indiana Rain

Debut Single at Radio August 12th

Weather Alert!

(Nashville, TN. August 11, 2010) There’s a rainstorm headed your way—specifically “Indiana Rain,” the torrential new single from Sandy Kastel, one of Las Vegas’s favorite hometown performers, a proud “adopted daughter” of the Hoosier State and a familiar face in Nashville songwriting circles.

Kastel (rhymes with pastel) wrote the song, as well as five others on her first country album, also called Indiana Rain, which is due out later this fall. Indiana is a territory she knows well since she and her husband own a second home there.

Accompanying the new single is a dramatic music video, shot on a farm in scenic Springfield, TN, directed by Amanda Van Sandt and produced by Chuck Howard of Acceleration Films.

The daughter of country music lover Wanda Jean Armstrong and tenor saxophonist Dick Kastel of the Harry James Band, Kastel grew up with a diverse musical background, listening to the “strong women” of country music—Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton with her mom and sitting in the light booths of Vegas Showrooms, watching her dad as he backed such legendary singers as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ann-Margret and Carmen McRae. In other words, she learned from the masters. By 18, she was touring nationally and at 21 she commanded the stage as Miss Nevada in the Miss America pageant, winning talent awards for her powerful vocals and touching performance.

Kastel has continued to perform in Las Vegas and released two albums of pop standards. In the past few years, she has established herself as a respected member of Nashville’s songwriter community. The acclaim she received for these efforts convinced her it was time to show just how strong her country roots are by tapping into them for her new album Indiana Rain. You can sample her mastery of country music in her self-penned “Nashville Tonight,” now available on YouTube.

Life Choices - Putting the Pieces Together

Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together is being launched this Saturday at the Palace Station during the Vegas Voice Health, Wealth and Wellness Expo.

The authors will be speaking about their chapter and signing autographs. In addition, many of the authors from the first edition, Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths will be on hand to meet with fans and sign autographs.

Judi Moreo, the author who brought us all together for the series of inspirational books, will be opening the event and I will be the MC.

Come out and meet the authors!

HAL Foundation

Sandy Kastel Will Sing In Beverly Hills for HAL Foundation

Takes Time Out from Radio Tour On Behalf Of “Indiana Rain”

(Nashville, TN. Sept. 20, 2010) Silk and Satin Records artist Sandy Kastel will perform songs from her new album, Indiana Rain, Saturday, Sept. 25, at the Aqua Lounge in Beverly Hills as part of the three-day celebration leading up to the 21st annual HAL (Heroes and Legends) Awards Dinner.

Singing in support of the HAL Foundation is a natural extension of Kastel’s enduring interest in redeeming social causes. She is one of the authors of the new self-help book, Life Choices; Navigating Difficult Paths, and her Sandy Kastel Scholarship Foundation has contributed a scholarship to HAL.

The HAL Foundation was established by fabled Motown Records songwriter Janie Bradford to give guidance and assistance to youth at risk. This year’s honorees include George Duke, Lenny Williams, Betty Lavette, Big Jon Platt, Don Davis and the team of Holland/Dozier/Holland.

A high profile and much sought after vocalist in her hometown of Las Vegas, Kastel had two albums to her credit before shifting to her country music heritage with Indiana Rain. Lately, she’s been visiting radio stations to support her first single, also titled “Indiana Rain.”

On Labor Day, Kastel sang the national anthem at the NHRA (National Hot Rod Assn.) Finals in Indianapolis that aired on ESPN2. Just prior to that, she met with Indianapolis mayor Gregory Ballard to present him a copy of her record. Kastel sings about Indiana with some authority since her husband is a native of the Hoosier state and the two have long had a home there.

Kastel’s show business roots are deep. Her father, Dick Kastel, was
a standout tenor saxophonist in the Harry James Band. She spent much of her childhood sitting in light booths in Las Vegas watching her dad back such luminaries as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ann
Margret, Shirley MacLaine and Carmen McRae.

Wanda Jean, Kastel’s mom, was a Texas-born beauty who made her musical mark in San Francisco as part of a sister song-and-dance team.

A gifted songwriter, Kastel penned “Indiana Rain” and five other cuts on her new album, which was co-produced by studio wizards Ron Aniello, Jeff Lorber and Jimmy Haslip.

She will be cheering on Bradford and her good works Sunday, Sept. 26, at the posh black-tie dinner and awards presentations at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The music video for “Indiana Rain” is set to debut soon.

I Love Classic Cars!

My dad is a musician, but he didn't mind getting his hands dirty cleaning pistons on the kitchen table when we lived in Mesquite, Texas!

I was "Dad's Little Helper." He loved taking apart the engines to his cars and cleaning them on Sunday afternoons. As he spread out the newspaper on Grandma's old oak table I brought in his tool box and set it down on the linoleum floor ready to hand him his tools.

When he was done, we would clean up and he would take my sister, Linda, and me for a ride in our new '57 Chevy. It was a Belaire two door in turquoise and Silver. The seats were white leather with turquoise inserts. Dad told my sister and me to keep our shoes off the seats so we wouldn't "hurt the leather seats." We loved going for rides in the new car. It had that "new car smell" and he would let us stick our heads out to feel the wind on our faces.

No wonder I love classic cars! They bring back so many memories.

A few years ago I made my first music video in Nashville and we found a great '65 Ford Mustang Convertible for me to drive. It fit the feel of the song perfectly. We drove it around on the old country roads and through a beautiful street with huge trees with the wind blowing through my hair. It was so much fun!

Here's the video and the lyrics at the beginning of the song...

"Driving south on Hwy 65, the rain was beatin' down, roads were slick as ice. Hot tears burnin' on her cheeks as she cried, her heart breaking from their terrible fight. She packed her bags, grabbed her guitar, and shouted 'I'm not comin' back anymore!'

Nothin's gonna keep me from Nashville Tonight. I can't wait to cross that Tennessee line. I finally broke through the chains in my life and nothin's gonna keep me from Nashville Tonight!"

Hope you enjoy it.