ELVIS Arron Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. is a riveting performer with a rare capability to establish a very special rapport with his audience. His incredible singing voice, naturally reminiscent of "The King", and fine sense of humor has thrilled audiences worldwide. Jr. has been represented by several prominent managers over the years including a thirteen year association with the late Seymour Heller, who was also Liberace's long-time manager and close friend of Colonel Tom Parker. Mr. Presley, Jr has appeared in 18 countries and 6 islands. A gifted linguist, Jr. has surprised many crowds by serenading them in their native tongue. Performing for both private and ticketed events, he has appeared in venues ranging from nite clubs and theatres to concert halls and arenas as well as amusement parks and casinos. Accompanying him has been some of the U.S.'s best musical conductors including Bobby Morris (who was also Elvis Sr.'s musical conductor as well as Barbra Streisand's and many others) and Larry White (who has conducted for the likes of Kenny Rogers, Wayne Newton and Robert Goulet) . He has generated 21 DVD's of his performances and has also had a prolific recording career amassing 34 CD's culled from both live and studio performances.
In addition to his busy concert schedule, Jr. is the curator of The Private Collection of the King on Tour. Launched in 2013, this spectacular, 53 foot, $500,000 unit with hydraulic side pull-outs and an eye-popping graphic wrap is a one-of-a-kind mobile museum that is sure to thrill any Elvis fan. This collection represents a portion of one of the largest private collections of Elvis memorabilia in the world outside of Graceland. At times, portions of the collection have been on exhibit throughout the United States, Canada (including the Canadian National Exhibition and Paramount's Canada's Wonderland), Europe, and Asia. It existed as a stationary museum for 18 years in Niagara Falls, Canada. However, this marks the first time that the collection has been available as a mobile museum. The collection encompasses motorcycles, costumes, jewelry, movie props, personal items and other exciting memorabilia.
Roll-out exhibits, for larger spaces, are available to accompany the museum and include vehicles, costumes and other memorabilia from such celebrities as Roy Orbison, Liberace, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Muhammad Ali, Barbara Mandrell, Linda Thompson and Skeeter Davis. Many venues (including theatres, fairs, and casinos) utilize the museum as a prelude to an Elvis Jr. concert allowing visitors to view the museum in their venue for several days, a week, or more before the concert.
At this point, you may be wondering just who is Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr.? He is the son of the late Elvis Presley born out-of-wedlock, unbeknownst to Elvis, on December 24, 1961 in Gary, Indiana the result of a liaison between Elvis Presley and Angelique Delores Pettyjohn, a young actress who was an extra in the film "Blue Hawaii". During this time, Elvis was at the height of his fame and was known worldwide as the King of Rock-n-Roll - a man that bobby soxers adored and young men wanted to be like. Elvis' manager, Colonel Tom Parker, feared that a marriage to Angelique, as well as his impending fatherhood, would seriously damage the King's reputation thereby destroying his wealth and fame. Great pressure was exerted upon the actress to have an abortion. While Angelique was unwilling to abort the baby, she did agree to deliver the baby in secret thereby saving Elvis the shame and publicity of a Hollywood scandal. She also agreed to allow the child to be adopted immediately following the birth. Colonel Parker, who was an orphan adopted by a circus couple, drew on his own experience and began combing the circus troupes for a suitable couple.

He found them in a young Yugoslavian couple known as "The Vargas" performers who were traveling with the Ringling Brothers Circus throughout North America. The young couple very much wanted a child of their own and, at the time, was unable to conceive. Arrangements were made and immediately following the birth, when Pettyjohn gave up her son, her words to the couple were, "Take special care of this boy; he belongs to Elvis." The reason she stated this was because the young couple wanted to have a mental description of what the baby would look like when he was grown. Would he resemble his father's likeness? The conditions of the adoption were simple and the young couple adhered to them; first, they were not to reveal under any circumstances, the child's biological parents until the infant reached his 21st birthday; second, they were not to seek any monetary compensation from the Presley family on behalf of the child.

  With the adoption complete the infant, who began life as Phillip Stanic, grew up surrounded by the glittering circus world. At the tender age of 5, Elvis Jr. first entered the spotlight as a circus clown being mentored by the likes of Blinko and Gene Randall. He later trained exotic cats and by the age of 15 was known as the youngest wild animal trainer in the world. He trained his exotics with love - no whips, no chairs Ð and uncaged. The world's youngest and fearless became the talk of many. His cats have been featured in many commercials including those for Kit Kat chocolate bars and Cougar Lincoln Mercury automobiles as well as several movies such as Sahara featuring Brooke Shields and Cat People starring Natasha Kinski. At the age of 16 he discovered he could sing and began performing in clubs and showcases at night while working with his cats during the day. When Phillip reached his 21st birthday, a hard decision was made to tell the young man that he was adopted and that his father was Elvis Presley.

After much inner struggle, Phillip realized that he wanted his true identity to be acknowledged. He applied for and was granted on January 21, 1985 the legal right to bear the name Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. by the United States Federal Court system. After sufficient documents, sworn testimonies, and addtional evidence presented by independent third parties were presented to a judge and after proof having been made to the satisfaction of the Court "that notice of hearing thereon was given in the manner and form required by law and no objections having been filed by any person, Phillip Stanic by the decision of the U.S. Federal Court", was recognized as Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr.

Elvis Jr.'s talent as a musician and entertainer is a gift to all who enjoy the works of his late father. His looks, style, grace and demeanor has captivated audiences worldwide and is a testament that the King's legacy indeed continues.


"Elvis Jr. keeps memory of the rock legend alive. People lined up outside in the rain, hours before the show started, to get front row seats."
David Selby - Lindsay Daily Post - Ontario, Canada

"Cape Town audiences can look forward to a singing sensation with the arrival of Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. at the Baxter Concert Hall...He always thrills the audience with his visual and vocal characteristics of his father."
Athlone News - Athlone, Cape Town, South Africa

"He is no imitator - he just naturally sounds a great deal like Elvis, Sr. He is an exciting entertainer with a charisma and style all his own. There is sheer magic in the way he establishes rapport with his audience."
Doloes Fuller - Writer of 18 Elvis songs - Notarized Letter to Seymour Heller - manager of Liberace and Elvis, Jr.

"It has been a great pleasure for us to welcome you here again for your second performance tour which has successfully concluded in each city throughout Japan."
Min-On Concert Association - Japan

"Elvis Jr. has got a tremendous talent on his own...When we were at the Desert Inn Hotel in Las Vegas, the entertainment director said, "On the first time in with no publicity he outdrew every entertainer that had appeared at the Desert Inn three to one"."
Hans Van Willigenburg with Bobby Morris (Elvis' musical conductor) & Elvis Jr. - KRO Television Network (Netherlands)

"A group of screaming fans were satisfied as Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. evoked sounds and images of the King of Rock and Roll...The front of the stage was crowded with fans wishing to shake his hand or take home a sweaty scarf."
Alan Shackleton - Tribune-Focus - Ontario, Canada

"The Standing Room Only crowd applauds wildly as the Bobby Morris Orchestra begins playing "2001: A Space Odyssey"...An hour later, as he's taking his bows, you know you've just witnessed a true legend."
Bill Mears - Las Vegas After Dark

"His voice was on fine form - and so was his sense of humour. The audience of nearly a thousand fans at the city's Rainbow Club were delighted."
Jane Harbidge - Evening Post - Bristol, England, UK

"I was glued to a front seat at the Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. show at the Russell Arena. Couldn't see much of him from that angle with a throng of arm-waving women from 16 to 60 smothering the stage. But that was the enjoyable part."
Victor Laurin - The Post - Ottawa, Canada

"Now, years after the King's untimely death, we are once again being treated to the inimitable talents of a unique performer. The heir and successor to the mantel of rock 'n' roll royalty - the son of the master - Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr."
Bally's Las Vegas - Fun & Gaming

"Your performance at the Film Welfare League was electrifying and unequaled to anything the League has seen to date. The standing ovation was well deserved."
Film Welfare League - Los Angeles, California

"LIKE FATHER LIKE SON. The KING died but now it seems he may have left an heir apparent...He sounded uncannily like Elvis. The King's old magic was there."
Ian Brown - The Globe and Mail - Toronto, Canada

"Elvis Jnr's collection of memorabilia is believed by historians to be tbe best outside of Graceland...including his father's coveted 1955 Pink Cadillac and also a Stutz Blackhawk that once belonged to Dean Martin, a Las Vegas chum of Elvis."
Ian Starrett - News Letter - Belfast Northern Ireland

"Frankly, we're all shook up. This guy sings but exactly like Elvis the Pelvis himself."
Liz Braun - The Toronto Sun

"A growing list of believers who are prepared to stand behind this performer include Bobby Morris (who used to be Elvis Presley's musical director), Jimmy Crane (who wrote Elvis' hit song 'Hurt"), Delores Fuller (who wrote 18 Elvis songs), and Ben Wiseman (who wrote 57 Elvis songs)."
Victor Laurin - The Post - Ottawa, Canada

Music News - 2014

Elvis Jr. spent many hours in the recording studio this past fall and emerged with a fantastic new album entitled "We All Nations". The title track is a modern, techno style tribute to every North American Indian tribe. From the opening spine-chilling chants to the roll call of the tribes, the song is a tribute to Wakan Takan or The Great Spirit - a recognition of the power of the sacredness that resides in everything.

This stirring tribute was written by award-winning producer Don Podolor who, along with his brother Ritchie founded American Entertainment. Don started American Entertainment Agency to book the acts that they recorded. Up to now Don has booked over 35,000 shows and concerts, and his brother Richie has become one of the most acclaimed record producers in the entire world. Most of their hit records became either gold or platinum, and just recently they received a Diamond Album for sales of over 15,000,000 for the Forrest Gump sound track album. Several of their songs were in the album including "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night which was a former record of the year that they produced. Don has produced five world-wide internet concerts including Paul McCartney in Liverpool, and Willie Nelson in Holland. They recorded and worked with Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, The Beachboys, The GoGo's (Belinda Carlisles' solo album), Rod Stewart, Kenny Rogers, Randy Newman, Heart, John Denver, Elton John and the Beatles. Some of Don's Native American acts that he managed and booked were Charlie Hill (comedian and head writer of the Rosanne Show), Redbone (#1 Native American band in the world), Floyd Westerman (singer, entertainer, and movie star who also played the chief in the film "Dances with Wolves"). However, one of the nicest accolades bestowed upon Elvis Jr. is the statement from Don that, "Of all the superstars I have worked with, Elvis Presley, Jr. is probably the best yet". 

Producer, Mario Gonzalez, is an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and has served as legal counsel to several Indian tribes. He is the first recipient of the Distinguished Aboriginal Lawyer Achievement Award (1995) given by the Native Law Center of Canada, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask. He is also co-author of The Politics of Hallowed Ground: Wounded Knee and the Struggle for Indian Sovereignty (1999). Gonzalez has devoted much of his career to the Sioux Nation's fight for the Black Hills of South Dakota—a fight that has already lasted a century. 

Technical advisor, J. Highley has contributed much to this album through his superior auditory skills - the man has big ears! He was a vital component of a very successful mix-down.

In addition to the title track there are several new original songs on the album. From the catchy country tune "Plastic Saddles" to the gritty biker anthem "Roll On Brother" there are many styles for the music lover to sample on this album. 

The new album will be available for purchase on this website by February 1, 2014. Please visit us again.

The Private Collection of the King on Tour

Experience this one-of-a kind, spectacular, walk-through museum chock-full of fascinating artifacts from various stages of the King's life. This 53' custom-built semi-trailer, complete with hydraulic side pull-outs, housesa portion of one of the world's largest private collections of Elvis memorabilia which, in totality, is valued at over $6 million. Inside you can view various costumes, clothing from movie and television appearances, jewelry, motorcycles, personal items - even the infamous blue suede shoes - plus many more items of interest. This unit is perfect as either a prelude to an Elvis Jr. concert or as a stand-alone attraction to significantly increase traffic to your business or event. Be one of the first to offer this unique attraction to your customers!