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Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths
The Strength of Women-Book

We all have challenges in our lives. Sometimes we don’t see them coming. Sometimes we invite them in. Some are bigger than others. Sometimes they come one right behind the other. Sometimes they show up all at once. Sometimes we have to make a choice in how we deal with these challenges.

This empowering collection of stories reminds us that we all have choices, and the choices we make are what determine the course of our lives. The authors of these stories are real people who have reached into the depths of their souls to share their inspiring journeys when navigating the difficult paths of their lives. These extraordinary people have persevered against the odds and made choices that enabled them to achieve successful lives. Through their experiences, we can find many important lessons to help us avoid wrong turns and blind alleys. Their stories show us that we can overcome our challenges and live more satisfying, passion filled lives.

"We live. We love. We explore. Our hearts are broken only to be mended again. We are devastated by life's tragedies and yet we survive."

Sandy Kastel, Author Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths 'Detours'

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If you feel “stuck” in a situation that appears to be beyond your control, these stories will show you how others have coped with crisis and uncertainty, made tough choices and positive changes in order to find deeper meaning and satisfaction in their relationships and learned to live with purpose every day. Rarely do we find a book that addresses so many different challenges. Life Choices does this in a powerful and inspiring way. This book is about experiences, the people who lived them, and how they created successful lives. From values and self-fulfillment to legacy, this book offers new resources for people who have tough choices to make every day.

Filled with wisdom and love, this book is a soothing companion for anyone searching for the courage to make a choice to change his or her circumstances. These authors and their stories prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that success belongs to everyone, no matter where they come from or what has happened to them. They are living proof that miracles can and do happen. You can be one of these people. You can navigate through difficult times and find your pathway to the life you choose to lead. Put the strength of others to work for you. Courage is not the absence of fear or pain. Courage is taking the steps to move through it.


"This book is about ordinary people succeeding in extraordinary ways, turning tragedy into triumph, seizing the opportunity before it ceases to be one, getting up one more time than you fall. It is filled with creative ideas, strategy and inspiration in the form of life stories that just may strengthen your own resolve to follow the path of ‘Conquistador."

- Doc Blakely, CSP, CPAE, Hall of Fame Professional Speaker
"Life Choices is a superb compilation of tales from people who overcame adversity and took control of their lives. The heartfelt stories prove once again what we can accomplish with prayer and a steadfast attitude to never give up."

- Peter Fogel, Speaker, Copywriter, Author
If Not Now... Then When? Stories and Strategies of People Over 40 Who Have Successfully Reinvented Themselves
"The choices you made and the choices you didn’t have brought you to this point. Since our lives truly are what our choices make them, we have a vital interest in making better choices. Let the compelling stories in this book expand your awareness and help you choose the right path for your life."

- Jim Cathcart, Founder, host of,
Author of fifteen books, including: The Acorn Principle
"These stories will fill a void of despair with the light of the lives that surround it. Stories of strength, courage and endless faith. Do not pass go; go directly to the cashier and buy it."

- Manuel Diotte, Motivational Teacher and Author
Happiness Is A Pair of Shorts
"The choices we make along life’s journey can either strengthen or weaken our inner foundations in which all character is built. This book gives first hand accounts of how we are all capable of making those choices that fortify our inner foundations, making way for a fortress of character. I recommend it to all who want to know how to transform “every” life experience into the building tools for such worth while construction projects."

- John Michael Stuart, MSW, Author, Perfect Circles: Redefining Perfection
"This book draws from human experience that is alternately beautiful, miraculous and uplifting ~ and often all three at once. If you have ever asked yourself can I do this ~ and doubted that you could ~ you must read this book. The people here are real; their stories will answer your question with clarity and force: yes you can!"

- Gail Cohen, Author, Thinking Outside The Lines, How To Reach Your Personal Best
"WOW! What an awesome reminder of the unseen, quintessential power living inside us! Thank you for sharing your life changing stories with us—it is warm, true and inspirational. It has given me the courage to embrace my “weakness” and my story...for it has made me realize that actually it is my strength!! Life is a Gift! And we get to unwrap it every day—if we choose to...Please choose to!!"

- Marisa Wollheim, Director, Hospice in the West, Krugersdorp, South Africa
"After reading the stories in “Life Choices” I was uplifted and encouraged. We all have challenges and circumstances in life that are overwhelming. However, we all have the ability to overcome the seemingly impossible of circumstances. By reading these stories you’ll be reminded of the inner strength we all possess and have the courage to evaluate your current situation and make a choice to follow the life you were meant to have."

- Peggy S. Vasquez, Certified Executive Administrative Professional (CEAP), Executive Assistant to the Laboratory Director, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
"At a time in our country when bleakness is prevalent, how uplifting to have a book which shares positive turning points in people’s lives. A most worthwhile read."

- Jack Sheehan, Author Quiet Kingmaker of Las Vegas; The Class of ’47; Skin City
"In strange and uncertain times, such as those we now live in, you will find hope and encouragement in this wonderful book."

- Patricia Fripp, Past President, National Speakers Association, Author, Get What You Want
"So many of us have had situations that befall us and need to take comfort from the stories of others. Life Choices is a comfort and source of support for anyone facing a challenge."

- Susan RoAne - Keynote speaker, Author of Face To Face: How To Reclaim The Personal Touch in A Digital World