Sandy Kastel Motivational Speaker

Sandy Kastel knows all about the impact of life choices. A singer and Miss Nevada title-holder in the Miss America Pageant, her life has been a series of detours, taking her on an incredible journey and careers as an artist, clothing designer, singer, songwriter, publisher, producer, and playwright.

As a role model for women, Sandy is giving seminars and working one-on-one, reaching out to young women in pageants, young mothers, career women and empty-nesters; women from all walks of life in various stages of discovery and exploration. Drawing from her own experience, Sandy Kastel has created a dynamic program in which she shares the Key to Discovering the Road to Your Destination.

As a recording artist and performer, Sandy understands the dedication it takes to Be the Best You Can Be. In her workshops women are given the necessary tools for putting their best foot forward in all situations. She incorporates the same techniques she learned as a model, actress, performer and contestant in the Miss America Program, knowing the importance of presenting confidence, grace, elegance and natural beauty from the inside out.

As an author, Sandy joined Judi Moreo and twenty-four other authors in the powerfully inspirational book Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths, a collection of stories reminding us the choices we make every day determine the course of our lives.  Sandy's positive outlook on life is infectious, as she shares her enthusiasm with those around her in an effort to help others do the same, striving every day to learn from the challenges of life and go forward toward her goals.

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Question and Answer with Sandy
1. Did you choose the speaking profession or did it choose you?
I feel that the speaking profession has chosen me. Since I was four years old I have been performing in front of audiences in talent shows, plays, musicals, conventions, on the radio, television and in public; as an actress, speaker, singer, songwriter and as a teacher.

2. When and how did you 'know' you were a speaker?
I knew I was a speaker at twelve years old when I got up on stage for the Jerry Lewis Telethon with Sammy Davis, Jr. and spoke about giving to others so that they may have the opportunity to help themselves.

3. What are the biggest surprises you've encountered? (as a speaker)
The biggest surprises I have encountered as a speaker are the lessons I have learned as a result of the interaction between my audiences.

4. What is your proudest speaker moment?
My proudest moment as a speaker was when a young woman came up to me and told me that my story inspired her.

5. What was your worst speaking experience?
My worst speaking experience was when one of my bracelets flew off during a show and hit a man in the forehead who was sitting in the front row. I immediately asked if he was alright, then called out for someone to "Bring this man a drink". I was told later that the audience thought it was part of the show, because I didn't skip a beat.

6. What's your favorite self marketing idea?
My favorite self marketing idea is my smile, my optimistic attitude and being prepared at all times to introduce myself even when I am not dressed for business, at the grocery store or at the gym. I feel it is important to always be courteous and friendly to people.

7. What business challenges have you faced as a speaker?
The biggest challenges I have faced as a speaker are 1. when the location for the event is changed and I am not notified, 2. when the weather is not cooperating and 3. when there is a heckler in the audience. I have found it is best to be prepared for these situations so that when they occur I am ready to deal with them.

8. Who was your role model or inspiration?
My first role models were my parents, both who had been in show biz. My father is a musician and I learned the importance of keeping my instrument in shape at all times by practicing daily. My mother was a singer and dancer and supported my interest in performing. I had many teachers who inspired me as I was growing up. My fourth grade English teacher, Mrs. Trent, who recognized my ability to 'tell a good story'; my high school political science teacher, Mr. Cook, who taught me the importance of knowing the facts when debating; my acting teachers in college, Joan Snyder, Bob Burgan, Dr. Harris and Dr. Crawford, who instilled the tools for preparing me to speak onstage in front of an audience. Judi Moreo, who first taught me the basics of modeling, grooming and fashion and who has been my mentor at various times in the past, has once again entered my life to guide me in putting my thoughts and experiences down in a book and taking my speaking career one step further.

9. What's the best advice you were given about speaking?
The best advice I have been given about speaking is to 1. Know your topic, 2. Be prepared, 3. Arrive ahead of time to set up your products, 4. Dress accordingly for the event and 5. Expect the unexpected.

10. What words of wisdom would you share with a new speaker?
The main thing about becoming a speaker is to be passionate about your subject. Once a person makes the decision to share their knowledge with others, they must be prepared to perfect their tools of presenting the material in a clear and precise manner and to have products available for their audience to purchase at the end of the event.