Sandy Kastel The Singer

Sandy Kastel The Singer


Sandy knew she wanted to be a singer when she was four years old. Music was in her blood and performing was in her body. Nothing stopped her from pursuing her passion. 


With a father as a jazz musician and a mother who was an artist, who sang and danced as a young girl; Sandy was bound to get the bug. It was more than that.


Sandy wanted to entertain. She loved the stage and the stage loved her from a very young age. The challenge was getting past her dad to the auditions. It was her mother who encouraged Sandy to follow her dreams and snuck her to the first audition for a musical revue in 1968; where at fourteen Sandy performed in her first production.


Since then Sandy has been around the world and back again; performing on stages large and small, clubs and hotels, festivals and concerts. 


The Singer loves the spotlight and all the work that leads up to going out on stage.


“It’s the excitement, the planning of the show, the rehearsals, designing the costumes and creating the atmosphere with sets. When I create a show it has it’s own energy. There’s something special about each one,” says Sandy. “Performing is in my blood. It always has been and it always will be. It’s the music that drives me and the passion for entertaining audiences that keeps me going. When everything comes together and the curtain goes up it’s just me and my fans on a journey together.”